Re: Proposed patch to gnome-vfs

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 01:35, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> Symptom :
> ---------
> Changing the icon of a custom mime type does not work
> Problem :
> ---------
> While the file-type capplet is saving the changed mime type some of
> the _set_ operations look up the old values to see if things have
> changed.  Calling _get_ can trigger a reload, which effictively
> throws out the and pending edits.
> Proposed Solution :
> -------------------
> I do not know enough about the internals of gnome-vfs to solve this
> nicely.  What we really want IMHO is to not reload things if there
> are pending edits.  However, there is a potentially simple
> workaround which doesn't require an api change.
>      void gnome_vfs_mime_freeze (void);
>      void gnome_vfs_mime_thaw   (void);
> These are documented to block _writing_ and appear to only be used
> in the file-type capplet.  I'd like to extend the definition to
> block reading too.

Won't that break things like nautilus, etc., that might need to get a
mime-type while the user is editing one ? Or did I miss something ?


/Bastien Nocera

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