Re: To branch or not to branch [Was: TARBALLS DUE]

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 03:32, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> We didn't provide an option for this, as we've been waiting on Nat's 2.0.x
> and 2.1.x proposal. I think he's still working out the DHTML bits. :-)
> Nat?

So, I wrote up some branching guidelines and sent them out to the board
and the release team this morning.  It doesn't specifically address this
issue, but it does talk about the broader questions of how the branches
work in a post-2.0.0 world.

At this point I'm going to wait for the release team to give it a
once-over before distributing it here.  That shouldn't take more than a
day - I've been the slow one in this process :-).


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