Re: automake fails on cvs modules

mike <mike redtux demon co uk> writes:
> I am trying to compile nautilus and ggv from cvs and both bomb as
> follows
> ,',','
> ./configure: line 1145: syntax error near unexpected token

You probably saw an error message from aclocal before this
happened. That error message needs fixing or things won't work.  It
was probably about duplicate macros; the best way to fix that is to
edit /usr/bin/aclocal to remove the line after the duplicate macro
error message (the line that sets the variable causing aclocal to
> I have automake 1.5 and autoconf 2.53 

1.4 is the automake you really want for gnome cvs.  automake
unfortunately caused a world of pain by breaking compat without
renaming the automake binaries. This is addressed in future automake
versions I think.


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