Re: multihead support across GNOME

Nautilus works fine im my dual-head Xinerama setup. I was using 2 voodoo 3000's before and now i have a radeon 7500 and i've haven't had any problems in either the redhat 8 beta or in ximains gnome2 snapshots.
-joshua eichorn

Mark McLoughlin wrote:


On 30 Jul 2002, Julio David Quintana wrote:

Of course, how silly of me to not include details, esp. on a devel
mailing list. :)


1.  Nautilus 2.0.2 from the daily snapshots on Redcarpet.  Not using the
multihead branch or gtk+ HEAD.

	Okay, so it looks like some quirk with gtk+/Nautilus and
Xinerama. I'd hope that this would go away with gtk+ HEAD and the
multihead branch - but it could well be a bug with Xinerama itself.

Good Luck,

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