Re: multihead support across GNOME

Of course, how silly of me to not include details, esp. on a devel
mailing list. :)


1.  Nautilus 2.0.2 from the daily snapshots on Redcarpet.  Not using the
multihead branch or gtk+ HEAD.

2.  Yes, this is Xinerama and not multiscreen.

3.  X version 4.2.0.

The card is a Matrox G400, using the Matrox provided drivers.  Worked
beautifully when I was running 1.41, but noticed this feature when I
started using the daily snaps on Redcarpet.  I have not tried it out on
G2 stable, I have only used the Redcarpet devel snapshots.  I just
thought it was interesting so I posted a screenshot.  


On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 17:18, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hi,
> 	1) Which nautilus? Did you use the multihead branch? Are you
> 	   using gtk+ HEAD?
> 	2) This is Xinerama right, not multiscreen ?
> 	3) What version of X ?
> Thanks,
> Mark.

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