File save dialog proposal (screenshot dialog)

There was this talk about DND saving that I really liked. I also liked
the screenshot of a OS/X save dialog because it seamed easy and
convenient but still powerfull. 
So today I looked at the current screenshot dialog and thought to
myself: "Hey... this _is_ basically a file save dialog". I discovered
that DND saving worked flawlessly. I could drop the preview image
whereever I want to save it. I could even drop it to gimp and gimp would
open it! 
So what I would suggest is keeping the "style" of this dialog and
creating a filesave dialog that is similar easy. It would basically only
need slight changes. Of course a smaller preview. Maybe a shortcuts bar
on the left for most used folders like Desktop and Home. And the
filename inputfield should probably only require the filename, putting
the folder in select box that contains a small history or something like
that. The browse button could still be there, opening the (new)
fileselector to choose a certain folder or file (this would require that
the fileselector can be used to select folders not just files).
At last there should most probably be a way to access the Nautilus
bookmarks from this dialog and everything would have to be repositioned
to fit nicely.
This would be everything I need in a file save dialog... What do you

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