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Le lun 29/07/2002 à 11:01, Padraig O'Briain a écrit :
> Jon,
> I have sen a long thread on this which I have not studied closely yet.
> I would like to clarify exactly what the complaint is.
> I am not concious of making any changes to libgailutil between versions 16 and 
> 17.
> If using libgailutil, I would expect you to link with, i.e. 
> -llibgailutil.

By bumping libgailutil major for each gail release, you break binary
compatibility for already compiled applications, which cause headache
for distributors like Mandrake or RH (we have to recompile all
applications against this version of the lib and if we are in post
release state, we have to be sure to keep old version of the lib

This is what we could call the "GAL" syndrome :))

Frédéric Crozat

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