Re: Launcher types

Eugene O'Connor <eugene oconnor sun com> said:

> It'd be great if we could simplify this dialog. From Alex's mail, it
> looks like there are only two items in the Type drop-down that it is
> valid for the user to select. That is, Application and Link. I
> understand that FSDevice is a type of launcher, but would a user ever
> want to select it when adding a launcher?

Yeah pretty much FSDevice is an implementation detail users should not have to 
worry about.

> Also, if MimeType, Service, and Service Type are not launchers, should
> they appear in this drop-down.


> So, does it make sense to have only two items in the drop-down:
> Application and Link.

I think we should have two dialogs. Create => application launcher and create 
=> link, I think that is how the panel context menu is setup. Also the creat 
application launcher dialog could have a list of known apps like the run 

These dialogs could than also be used from nautilus, even though create link 
in nautilus doesn´t really make as much sense since in nautilus you can use 


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