Re: PATCH: even better run dialog

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 23:45, Frank Worsley wrote:
> While working on that I also noticed that a lot of the code in the run
> dialog was pretty crappy. So I rewrote a bunch of stuff with the
> following results:
> 1. You can now drag the icon to make launchers.

i've always wanted this since it got the icon.

> 2. The run dialog uses gnome_url_show to properly display urls.
> 3. A new function show_document() correctly displays documents in the
> default application. It takes care of all the exec field expansion and
> honors the GnomeVfsMimeApplication settings. Something like this should
> probably go into libgnome as gnome_url_document_show() vs.
> gnome_url_show().

so, do we actually ever want to not show a document?

when would we want the current behaviour over your show_document()?

i am having trouble thinking of a case, but i might just be dense.

 - jacob

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