Re: gnome-url-show

> in the aim talk someone mentioned a littls script to open files with
> gnome and so here's a first version.
> i suppose libgnome needs to be branched before this can go in?
> havoc, what stupid things have i done with this?

I don't think this is really what you want ... this will open a URL with
the corresponding URL handler, but it wont open a file with the default

For example if I have a text file at file:///home/fworsley/text.txt this
file will get opened with Nautilus (if it's the file default URL
handler) and Nautilus will then display the file in it's internal
viewer, instead of opening it with my default editor (nedit).

Have a look at the run dialog patch I just sent to the list, the
show_document() function in there does The Right Thing, IMHO. It opens
documents using their default application and only calls gnome_url_show
for directories.

- Frank

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