Re: notes from file selector talk

Luis Villa wrote:

These are a relatively unstructured set of notes from the Summit's file
selector 'work'shop, which was itself relatively unstructured :)
Hopefully it'll spur some more discussion and movement towards actually
finishing libegg's :) [Yes, we're counting on you, Anders :)
Scary... :)

*Anders is the only one writing it- what's the interaction between coder and UI design?

The things I have in libegg/fileselector/ is basically just a test-case for the filesystem objects (located in libegg/filesystem), I'm happy to change it to whatever the UI gurus decide is correct.

	*basically completely up to Anders at this point- we hope it works out :)
...and I appreciate help and ideas. Come on guys, help me out! I'm feeling like Martin in gnome-libs land ;)

andersca gnu org

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