Re: notes from file selector talk

> *keyboard entry, something like tab completion except maybe using something other than tab
> 	*other possibly keynav issues are in directory selection [don't forget file name]
> *do *jpg as a filter entry
> *possible location-bar style auto-complete

These three are all related, to some extent "location-bar style
auto-complete" would be really cool, but don't forget that (at least now
in Galeon) this also includes an explicit Tab-completion.  Also, using
Tab, while it may seem to present keynav issues, does not actually do so
in my opinion. Assuming you want the file
and type "a_really<Tab>" the text-entry should attempt to auto-complete
on the "focus_out" signal (or whatever it is actually called, can't
remember ATM) and otherwise not disturb keynav.  Whether I intend to use
autocomplete or not, <Tab> from the location entry should mean "Move to
the OK button." If I bother to type out the entire filename,
autocomplete will only have one completion (or if it has more, the
"whole filename" should be the closest match) and move focus to "OK"
from where I can hit enter and have it work. Using this functionality
<Tab> auto-completion could be made invisible to the average user and
very usable by the power user.  Same thing with filters, I would think.


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