Re: gnome-session patch ...

Hi Michael,

On 15 Jul 2002, Michael Meeks wrote:

> Hi guys,
> 	Since gnome-session had a few issues, particularly with startup time,
> the latency issues of using the Canvas' font stuff for string rendering
> - so, I switched the splash rendering to use Gtk+ [ and retain the AA
> icon stuff ].
> 	There are a few changes - more intelligent icon placement, removed the
> Gtk+ frame, so grapical splash people don't always have that frame on
> top [ needs a nicer frame in the current splash ].
> 	Oh, and it also doesn't hang with a blank / white screen to start with
> - which is an improvement.
> 	May I commit ?

	Overall the patch looks good, and although I'm kinda concerned
about re-writing large chunks of code between point releases the
benefits really outweigh any danger of regressions ...

	Some comments:

	1) You should use GnomeIconLoader to locate the icons so they
	   can be themed.
	2) You seem to scale the icon unconditionally (or am I missing
	   something) - should you not check to see if the pixbuf is
	   already the desired size first ?
	3) The unref after destroying the splash is bogus right ?
	4) As someone else mentioned this remvoes our dependacy on
	   the canvas - could oyu updated accordingly ?
	5) The ChangeLog entry could give just a little more info on
	  what the change actually accomplishes ... :-)


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