Re: simplifying the "Startup programs"

Hi Malcolm,

On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

> So can it be coded so that if Nautilus is running, it behaves as Bastien
> suggests, if not, something similar to the current notebook page (as a
> separate dialog box?) pops up.

	I think if we go with this, we have reduce the problem of
defining a startup list to managing a bunch of files in a folder. So,
if you've decided that using Nautilus to 'manage a bunch of files in
a folder', you've obviously decided to use the command line to do your
file management. As long as we make the details of how the folder
works and where it is obvious, it should be okay to expect people who
don't use Nautilus to do this from the command line themselves.

	Does that make sense ?

Good Luck,

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