Re: Suggestion: Link metacity and gnome-system-monitor

> I added a metacity feature to run commands in response to keybindings
> the other day; so you can trivially set this up.
> The question is just whether to do so by default I guess.

Cool, then I'll be able to do it for my own system at least.

As for the other points:

I don't like the idea of implementing it i inittab because that would
render ALT+CRTL+DEL useless on the console - plus I think X intercepts
all keyboard signals anyway - ALT+CTRL+DEL never reboots from X.

I do agree that ALT+CTRL+DEL is the windows way to do it - maybe
CTRL+ALT+ESC would be a better binding - more *nixish.

As for the question of if it's useful or not - Well I know that some
people wont want to use it and are happy to wait for metacity to kill it
(which is a really cool feature) - but I think I would be a cool feature
to have.

Maybe it's just me - but I prefer the felling of the system-monitor
being integrated into the system than having it feel like just another
app in the menu. That was one of the very few things I liked about

Having it on CTRL+ALT+ESC would also easy transition to and from KDE.

Maybe I'm just a "Kill App" orphan ;)

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