Re: Please discuss: GTK/GNOME theme ideas

Scott Norris <s-norris2 northwestern edu> writes:

> I'm imagining an almost Windows-style dialog, where, for each widget, I
> could select the engine used to render it, the color, and the font (if
> applicable).  Granted, customizing every widget color would be ugly
> (maybe simply base widget color and text highlight color would be fine),
> but you get the idea.

I don't think anybody has plans for something this ambitious
(though such a tool could certainly be written ... it probably
doesn't make sense as part of core GNOME, but rather as
a power-user app.)

But certainly configurable colors are something that people have
wanted for a long time, and I do plan on looking at it when 
I get a chance. One of the important parts of this is doing
it so that the colors are shared across GNOME and KDE (and
anybody else who wants to pay attention.)


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