Re: nautilus vs. gnome-settings-daemon "race"

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 15:47, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 01:54:25PM -0400, jacob berkman wrote:
> > gnome-settings-daemon currently checks to see if nautilus is running,
> > and if so won't draw the background image.
> > 
> > gnome-session starts gnome-settings-daemon before nautilus, so nautilus
> > isn't running when gnome-settings-daemon goes to draw the background. 
> > this causes the background to get drawn twice, which slows down login a
> > bit.
> > 
> > this patch makes gnome-session set a property on the root window if it
> > is going to run nautilus, and gnome-settings-daemon checks this and
> > nautilus' gconf key at startup.  if they're both on, it won't draw the
> > background.
> > 
> > i plan on committing this monday/tuesday, but comments/flames/criticisms
> > are welcome.
> > 
> >  - jacob
> Flame on!  But first a question.
> Which do you want: to fix the problem or to cover it up for a while so that
> GNOME uses 3 or more times as much code as needed?

i want something that makes my login faster now, thanks.

loading / scaling the bg image seems to be very slow on my ultra 2. 
maybe because i am scaling a 48x48 image to 1280x1024 + gradient

> gnome-session might be able to modify the arguments passed to g-s-d depending
> on whether it is going to run nautilus. g-s-d could take an argument which
> prevents it from drawing. Can the session manager do this and how does this
> compare to interning atoms then setting and getting properties?

i guess it could do some moniker thingie when starting g-s-d... should
be easier to do i guess.

 - jacob

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