Gnome forum (was: Re: Re: Gnome2)

> Indeed. I just want to do a plug for #gnome-help on --
> janne, aldug and others have done an incredible amount of work there
> since the g2 release by answering many questions and helping with
> trouble-shooting, but more help in this area is always welcome and
> needed. If you can spend a moment or two on answering user questions,
> don't hesistate to join there.

I've been in there over the last few days and it is usually quite empty,
new users don't immediately think of IRC ;)

I know that this is v. OT and if someone wants to redirect me to a more
appropriate list go ahead. I've started a discussion on
about setting up a GNOME Users Forum(phpBB).

I just want to find out what the "big guns" of GNOME think about this
and if any of the people who are working in #gnome-help and on faq's,
user help etc.. would endorse a bb and/or get involved.

BB's are always a flop if they don't get a rapid influx of users - so I
would like to know if it would be possible for to endorse/link
to a phpBB, maybe even add it to the section links and new user pages.



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