Introduction to GNOME

Hi all:
I finally finished first draft of "Introduction to GNOME" for GNOME 2.
Take a look and send your comments/suggestions/criticism. In particular,
on my machine, I have GNOME 1.4, GNOME 2.0, and probably some leftovers
from GNOME 2.0 betas, so the menus are a mess. Thus, I'd appreciate if
someone who has  a clean GNOME 2.0 installation  could  

 a. Check that the menu structure is correctly described in "GNOME
Applications and Utilities" section

 b. tell me what exactly is included in Sawfish root menu (middle-click
on the desktop) - in particular, in "Programs" and "Help" submenus (if
they are still there)

Also: Sander, Mikael: can you tell me what is the correct URL for User
Guide, Nautilus, and Panel manuals? I put "ghelp:gnome2-user-guide" but
it doesn't seem to work... 

Docbook source is in CVS: /gnome-user-docs/introduction-to-gnome/C
HTML output - on my web page:


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