Re: Tree sidebar (was: Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices (back-button))

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 03:32, Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> > > 	2) How do I reach sites in the web with such a tree?
> > 
> > I guess you don't, for all the reasons you listed. There could be an "Open
> > URL" dialog though, like many browsers have. (Ctrl+O iirc)
> 	Know that nearly each browser has such a dialog. Never used them: 
> Too far away. Too inconvenient. From my point of view not a viable 
> replacement for a location entry field.

There is such thing. Just press Ctrl-L (same key combo as in mozilla
btw) when you have the location bar hidden: it nicely appears on the
toolbar, hilights the current URI so you can just type a new one and
press enter and it loads it and goes away - very handy.


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