Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices (back-button)

Woh hold on here, I did not propose removing anything here I was just making 
a comment explaining the behavior of a similar program. I actually like the 
current the navigation based ui in nautilus and think it could be quite 
powerful when using nautilus for other types of file management as stated 
numerous times before.

That said I think the location entry box should probably be turned off by 
default (not removed), see bug 82107, cuz as you have mentioned it is most 
useful for advance users. IMHO it along with the sidebar make the default 
look of nautilus a bit cluttered. But i do think we should keep these 
features for the more advanced users.


Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de> said:
> 	The back-button only works as up-button for mouse-wheenies. People 
> how are used to type locations directly into the location field are 
> dramatically cut if there is no up button. So my conclusion is like that:
> 	a) Keep the location entry and provide an up button.
> 	b) Rip-out the location entry, causing nautilus to become a really 
> useless programm for more advanced users. In that case you also
> can keep the up-button out, but you also won't win the desktop 
> war because each averagely skilled person will be forced to use a terminal 
> also for such tasks where a graphical shell would be more aproximated. 
> Task like image management, maybe also document or music management 
> 	Conclusion: IMHO the up-button is essential, even if there are
> enough ppl out there who won't have a clue what it is usefull for. BUT: We
> really should take care that we don't turn GNOME into a Tele-Tubby-System.  
> None if the hackers, which are essential for Opensource development will
> use such a system. AND: We should not overrate Sun's usablility studies:  
> _Sun is clueless about useablility_. Don't know of a successfull desktop
> system built by Sun Microsystems. Yes, all their systems were reall rocket
> science, but out-of-the box a pain in the ass when used as desktop
> system...
> Ciao,
> Mathias
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