Re: Nautilus design choices redux

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 14:19, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> It is my intention to get lists of advantages and disadvantages so
> that they may be compared, so that choices can be made with consideration
> of the tradeoffs involved, and so that perhaps the losses can be mitigated.

I think you summed up the advantages and disadvantages fairly well.
I thought you were taking a survey to find out what the consensus
was as to whether the features should be included.

That said, if anyone does have any you missed, I agree that it would
be good to know about them to try to mitigate any losses (and also
to make sure that what's valuable about the features is included in
Nautilus' implementation of them).

However, I have issues with your new characterization of the
problem, and if this is the question you meant to ask, I think it's
the wrong one, and is only likely to lead to a rehashing of the rant
sessions we've already had.

> Here again are the questions:
> Inline vs. External Views
> Browser-style vs. Spatial Navigation

I don't think that it's necessary to present this as "vs." Having
inline views doesn't preclude having external views and having
browser-style navigation doesn't preclude having spatial navigation.
I'm not a big fan of user options, but these seem like entirely
legitimate cases to me.

I prefer the original questions: "Should Nautilus have inline views?"
and "Should Nautilus support browser-style navigation?" I think so.
I think it should also support external views and spatial navigation.
The only problem I see is that not all of these are fully implemented


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