Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices

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Hello Bruce,

On 8 Jul 2002, Bruce Robert Pocock wrote:

> > When was the last time someone achieved world domination by imitating
> > Windows?
> The ideal migration is a painless migration. The more things work "as
> expected" to that 80%+ of users coming to us from MS Windows, the

80%? A reasonable assumption, perhaps, but where did you get that

> happier / more comfortable they'll be.

This debate has been done before. The question is: do you want GNOME to
offer a UI that makes ex-Windows users feel right at home or do you want
to make GNOME the best UI out there for people who've never used
computers, Windows migrants and computer experts alike?

Perhaps this poses some contradictory requirements- IMO the solution in
those cases shouldn't come from imitating whatever it is people are used
to, but by thinking outside of the box and trying something innovative,
if possible based on actual research and usability theory.


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