Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices

Hi Matthias,

> >   Should Nautilus use internal views of non-folder content?
> Yes. People like it,

So? Surely there are also people who dislike it.

> it's useful

How is it more useful than opening a separate (for instance) ggv window
like you do with filetypes for which no registered viewer exists? If
consistent behaviour were a prime concern then we shouldn't want internal
viewers until there are viewers for > 90% filetypes in the field.

> and we would be derided if we killed
> a feature all other next-generation file managers seem to have.

Care to specify what other next-generation file managers you're referring
to, and why GNOME developers should care about them?

> >   Should Nautilus support browser-style navigation?
> Yes. People are used to it from the Windows platform and/or Web
> browsers;

What people are used to from windows does (or should) not matter; web
browsers even less since Nautilus is not a web browser.

> it also makes more sense for navigating a directory tree
> than distinct windows (IMHO).

That I agree to.



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