Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots (& GStreamer & automake)


> Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas urgent rug ac be> writes: 
> > I don't see no reason at all why this can't be done for gnome-autogen as 
> > well.  In short, I see no reason why Gnome cannot be upgraded to take 
> > advantage of the new build tools.  If we expect millions of users to 
> > upgrade glib and gtk and other stuff, surely us hackers can install two 
> > versions of build tools for a few weeks ?
> --with-automake would help, but not fully solve the problem.

ok, but that's what I'm asking : what does it not solve, so I can think 
about how it can be worked around.

> Note that for glib, gtk, and other stuff, we support parallel install,
> so no one has to break their existing stuff in order to install the
> new stuff. ;-) We had no illusions that people would de-install
> Evolution in order to get GTK 2.

I agree, but I think that the autotools are no different here.  I've 
juggled various versions of them for months and have never had problems 
with it (other than the extra hassle) on Red Hat, and debian has even less 
issues since they provide wrappers out of the box (which might be a good 
idea for red hat as well).

But since I never had issues, I'm specifically asking what else you think 
might be a problem.  Either it's something I'm overlooking or something 
that is relatively easy to fix ;) I'd rather help out thinking about it 
and moving gnome to a newer automake than see people waste energy trying 
to massage GStreamer in building with a 2 year old automake.



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