Re: Xinerama maximization of windows

Hey Havoc,

On 5 Jul 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> JeyaSudha <jeyasudha duraipandy wipro com> writes:
> > 86729 - Maximization of an application window hides portion of the
> > window
> > in the monitor with lower resolution.
> >
> > Is the expected behaviour is one of these (or ) any other new ideas
> > (or)  accept the existing one
> >
> The maximization should be to the work area on a single physical
> screen. That is, a window should fill the physical screen it mostly
> overlaps, avoiding the panels. The code in theory already does this,
> but I haven't really tested it due to another bug.

	How does that work? There's only a single root window per
logical screen (not physical screen) in Xinerama, no? Hence, there's
only one workarea ...

Good Luck,

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