red carpet and gnome2

i use ximian red carpet, and i am trying out gnome 2. i have been trying
it for a little over a month now, and before i used to find new
snapshots about once every other say, but this past week and a half i
have had no updates available at all. i don't understand it...the gnome2
i use i think is still the development version, however from what i hear
the final version has been out for a week or two...

i am subscribed to every channel except the ximian connector one...
here's the list:

ximian gnome desktop
evolution snapshot
evolution development snapshot
ximian gnome untested
ximain preview
gnome 2.0 developer snapshots
red hat linyx 7.3

so i don't get it...

has ximian been lazy recently, or is their a bug in my version of
red-carpet (i think i have the newest version though) or is it something

Farrell Farahbod <upgrdman mindspring com>

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