Re: [OT] nautilus problem

I found the cause of the problem, and it's a very lame one !!


I'm a Sepultura fan. Two years ago the singer and founder, Max Cavalera,
got fired from his own band.
He resurrected Sepultura's spirit by creating another band : Soulfly.

June, 25th was a great day, their 3rd album was out, I bought it, put it
in my computer : the beginning of great hacking day...

But there was something strange... gnome-media cd player or xmms were
rather slow initializing the playlist...

Some days after, I had to reboot, and Nautilus got locked up...

The cure was simply to remove the CD from its tray before rebooting and
everything went OK.

I don't know if you've recently heard something about anti-piracy CD
protections.... but that really sucks. 


Thank you for G2D,
CÚdric Marcone
Centre de Technologie
(+33) 4 72 07 92 93

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