Re: Xinerama maximization of windows


> This is regarding the xinerama bug.
> 86729 - Maximization of an application window hides portion of the
> window
> in the monitor with lower resolution.

I didn't even know it was possible to run xinerama on two monitors with 
different resolution settings ! Isn't that just majorly disorientating ?

> Is the expected behaviour is one of these (or ) any other new ideas
> (or)  accept the existing one
> 1.  Take the dimensions of the monitor with the lowest resolutions for
> maximization. It makes the entire application window to be seen in all
> the
> monitors but with more dead areas in monitors of higher resolutions

What I would like in xinerama settings, and which would probably fix both 
your and my problem, is that maximize would be a toggle button :
first press would make it maximize to the size of the current screen 
you're maximizing it to (with "current screen" being defined as either 
"the screen the maximize button was on" - the bad way IMO, or "current 
screen" being defined on as "the screen on which most of the area of the 
screen you're trying to maximize is" - the more visual way and also more 
useful when using key bindings to maximize).

The second press would then maximize to a state where the whole window 
takes up the maximum amount of space without obscuring itself, they way 
you just said (e.g. in a side by side configuration, use the total width, 
and the minimum height of the two screens).

The third press would then maximize to the "biggest" possible state 
(which I personally don't like, and which is currently the default).

Personally, I'd even drop the third option - on xinerama with equal height 
screens, two and three are the same anyway, and three is probably 
irritating when you have different heights -, but a toggle between one
and two would be really nice.

Now the question is, is that doable fairly easy in the window manager, 
(making maximized a three-state toggle), or does this involve other, 
bigger changes ?



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