Re: desktop-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #494 - 15 msgs

> >>    * Should programs that edit the same file types have the same recent
> >>      lists? (ie. is it the 4 last documents edited with GEdit, or the 4
> >>      last text/plain documents edited?)
> >>
> >
> >This seems like something the usability guys should decide upon, though
> >gnome-recent would generally work well in either case (the current API
> >calls for "appname", but that could simply be changed to "mime type").
> >One problem would be if an app supported multiple mime types.  There
> >wouldn't be any easy way to do that with the current code.

I think it would be nice if gnome-recent supported both calls for
"appname" and for "mime type".  I tend to use different applications
that handle the same mime types for different files, and may not
necessarily always want my list of recent files to contain files opened
from the other applications. 

PS>  This sounds really cool and exciting though :)

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