Re: GNOME 2.0.x and 2.x: The Plan

<quote who="Michael Meeks">

> 	Sigh; again, again, again this is confused.

It will be a happy day when there is no more sighing in GNOME.

> 	It is entirely acceptable not to have a gnome-2-0 branch, and to
> continue Gnome 2.0.X development on HEAD - indeed I (and most others)
> would encourage this for most modules, at least until 2.0.2 or so.

That's why the following was written before that:

  "gnome-2-0, for work on GNOME 2.0.x stuff if you need to branch for 2.1
  (see HEAD)"
                                               means "optional"

Everyone seems quite comfortable with the "branch only when you need to"
philosophy, I didn't think it required a lot of verbiage to make that point.

Without a sigh or furrowed brow at all,

- Jeff

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