Re: Location of Desktop Preferences menu (was Reducing the number of special uris in gnome)

On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 18:22, Andrew Sobala wrote:

> I agree with doing away with the preference submenus and launching
> nautilus instead.

This is stolen from some program I once saw on OS/2, in the pre-Warp

When you pulled open the menu, it showed an option labeled (I think)
"Settings;" the ellipsis ("submenu here" icon) was split off from it
with a little vertical bar, rather like the pull-down "back" menu next
to the "back" button in Nautilus/Galeon/...

Clicking on "Settings" brought up the set of all settings. Clicking on
or mousing over the "submenu icon" pulled up a submenu.

Naive users don't have to pull open the submenu, they can get the whole
shebang; but no extra clicks if you don't want to...

 (BTW: Is "screenshot" now considered a user-visible term? It's not even
in Evolution's dictionary -- and my users wouldn't know what it meant...
perhaps "Take a screen picture," like MacOS?)

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