Re: Location of Desktop Preferences menu (was Reducing the number of special uris in gnome)


> Actions isn't great but it works fine. Applications aren't really
> actions, so in its context Actions does distinguish the things in that
> menu from the things in the only other menu on the bar. You don't need
> to understand any diffuse implementation concepts like "GNOME" and
> "desktop" to figure out what Actions might mean.
> If the problem is that Preferences aren't Applications, why not just 
> add another menu:
>    Applications   Preferences   Actions

Let's just ride the rollercoaster that we've created for a little while
longer. It's a bit early to decide if we've got the right solution to
this problem yet....With a bit of careful thought, while we wait for
2.2/2.4 etc, we may come on a better solution...But changing it in the
short term doesn't seem in anyone's best interest right now.

> Or create a "preferences application" ("nautilus preferences:///") and
> just have a single menu item for that under applications, instead of
> the prefs menu. Or it's possible that what we have now is good enough.
> I'm not sure people are going to be pedantic about how the prefs
> dialogs aren't technically applications.

I'm not entirely sure if nautilus is the right solution here, no matter
how fast it has become.

		Let's just see, eh? :)

				Glynn ;)

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