Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

Chipzz wrote:

On 1 Jul 2002, Bruce Robert Pocock wrote:

From: Bruce Robert Pocock <brpocock 10east com>
Subject: Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

[Snipped stuff about MacOS]

I think this is all basically a non-issue. What may be an issue is the
number of binaries in $prefix/bin... Do all the capplets (yes I know I
shouldn't use that word) really have to go there? Can't we put them some
place else? Yes this would break people who manually start the capplets,
they'ld have to type in the complete path, but apart from that I don't
think anything else would break, if we changed the .desktop files.

Same comment for gconfd-2, can't we put it in $prefix/lib or something,
nobody should start it manually anyway, it's started by libgconf, and
that can be changed too...
Things like gconfd-2 should probably be under $(prefix)/libexec, as should the majority of the out of process bonobo components that should not be executed directly (ie. they are activated specially by a library or another process). Not so sure about the control panels, as they _are_ directly callable.


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