Re: themes and gnome (standardized directory idea)

Dave Bordoley <bordoley msu edu> writes:

> Tigert had mentioned the idea of theme authors being able to distribute
> themeballs on nautilus-list awhile ago. These would be tar.gz packages
> that includes themes for a bunch of different stuff that compliment each
> other well. These aren't quite metathemes in that the user is still free
> to pick and choose for the individual component. So here's a proposal. 
> themes should be distributed as such 
> themename/gtk
>          /gtk2
>          /sawfish
>          /metacity
> 	 /gnome-cd
> 	 /icons (assuming nautilus switches to using the icons standard)
> Perhaps we could extend this idea to even include kde themes (maybe make
> this a standard way of distributing themes). Obviously theme authors
> could limit themes to only certain components(gtk, gtk2, etc.) but since
> users are still able to mix and match this shouldnt' be an issue at all.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and even started writing up a
proposal for  It makes a lot of sense, though there
are probably issues to be worked out.  Even if we don't write a spec, we
should start moving GNOME apps to work this way, as it's better.


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