Alpha 2 Release Spankage!

Hey all,

So, we've had releases of:

  control-center (two, in fact)
  procman^Wgnome-system-monitor (you'll always be procman to us; cool release
  libgail-gnome (wasn't included on the desktop release list; my mistake)
  ORBit2 \
  linc    } with cool release notes sent to orbit-list and g2rt
  libIDL /
  gnome-applets (cool release notes)
  gedit2 (including a non-release-pressured release!)

Whilst a GTK+ family release should be on it's way soon, this list doesn't
*quite* hit the "huge amounts of new stuff for testing" sweet spot.

Please let us know if you won't be making a release *unless* your packages
have been affected by API changes. Then you'll just have to, or may a carrot
fall on your head at an inappropriate moment. :)

- Jeff

   "I came for the quality, but I stayed for the freedom." - Sean Neakums   

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