3rd party .desktop files

Okay, so we've probably had this discussion about a million and one
times..but I'm having a bad day and my memory is failing [1]. 

What the heck is the story with 3rd party .desktop files? Can we really
expect ISV's to have to manually create their .desktop file? because if
the answer is 'yes' then that sucks and we really should be thinking
about doing something about this for GNOME 2.0 :)

A couple of us in Sun were also worried by the fact that gnome-core
contains a bunch of conditional launchers [2]. These should be installed
by the individual applications, and although it seems great to have the
idea of having menu items for applications that haven't in the past
created .desktop files, it could create potential headaches with pkg


					Glynn ;)

[1] due to excess alcohol consumption
[2] really just .desktop files with the TryExec field

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