gtk-engines update

I just committed a big bunch of changes to gtk-engines to bring it
up current with GTK+-2.0. The three engines in there that are
compiled currently are:

 Metal: Looks a lot more like the real Java metal than it used
   to; more importantly, it no longer hacks around with GTK+'s
   structures, so it should be robust.

 pixbuf: This is what was in the separate pixbuf-engine module;
   it is compatible with and replaces the old "pixmap" engine.
   (The engine it installs is called "pixmap" for RC file

   It should be less memory hungry than the old engine, has
   various optimizations for fast scaling with borders,
   and handles alpha compositing of images with an alpha
   channel. Most importantly, it has code I can maintain.

 Redmond95: Looks a lot better than it used to; still only a vague
   approximation of Windows 95 and a vaguer approximation of 
   current Windows.

There is no example RC file installed for the pixbuf engine, though it
should mostly work with GTK+-1.2 pixmap themes.  The Incredibly Ugly
Theme is included as pixbuf/examples/bubble, and you can install it
manually if you want a demo of the alpha features. (cp -aR
pixbuf/examples/bubble ~/.themes)

( if you
don't need a live demo.)

Until we have a theme switcher for GTK+-2.0, you should pick
a theme by putting a line like:
 gtk-theme-name = "Metal"

in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0.

Have fun,

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