Re: Alpha Release Status: With or Without You

<quote who="Sander Vesik">

> I'd say gnome-pim looks positively dead - it should be moved out into the
> extra-apps collection (aka fifth toe) in the hope that there are people
> interested in it and it gets resurrected in time for say gnome-2.0.1 extra
> apps release...

I've been leaving it there as more of a message than anything else. It's not
going to be ready for any release at this point.

> librep-1.15.2 is staged for the release.

We haven't seen any install-module mails about it on g2rt - everyone should
be using install-module to finalise releases into the ftp tree.

> the list should also probably have contained ggv

Aye, I'll add that in.

- Jeff

   "People keep asking me why we aren't married, and he says, 'Every time   
   I am about to ask you, you do something annoying'." - Kate Beckinsdale   

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