Re: [Usability] instant-apply issue

On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 06:37, George wrote:
> > Overall: the situation will hardly ever arise, and when it does it's a
> > tossup whether updating the dialog widgets is even nice UI, and doing
> > this adds a ton of bug-prone code. So my guess is that from a
> > practical standpoint trying to do this will just be visible to users
> > in the form of bugs rather than features.
> PonG, PonG, PonG, PonG!
> Why are we still talking about coding preference dialogs by hand.
> Of course people ARE masochistic and seem to LOVE doing lots of boiler plate
> buggy code for preference dialogs and so no one uses PonG.
> (Of course disclaimer is that PonG isn't yet ported to 2.0, but given the
>  utter lack of interest it gets it's understandable that I'm not that keen any
>  more on working on it as much.  That said I want to port it, there are just
>  more important things like gdm, panel and such if I find the time to code)

George, you're playing us your "Prima Dona" trick. You love it being a
martyr, don't you ;)

PonG didn't get much attention because nobody bothered/wanted to bother
to switch their prefs stuff to gconf, and if they did they didn't use
PonG. You can count the apps using GConf on a 1.4 platform on the
fingers of two hands (given that you have all your fingers, although I'm
not sure you need them all, Yakuza please abstain).

Port for us PonG and the "I write C++-like code but it's still C, hahaha
<evil laugh>" GOB. Seth will be just as happy as I would be.

GOB to save world hunger.


/Bastien Nocera

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