Re: [Usability] instant-apply issue

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes: 
> Or on a network, I guess there's always the chance that Joe Sysadmin
> will change all his users' default preferences for some application
> while Jo User is changing those preferences for herself.  Again, though,
> I guess the chances are slim, and chances are the sysadmin will have
> locked those preferences (temporarily or permanently) that he wants
> control over anyway.  At worst, you might want a dialog popping up
> saying that another user/application has just changed your settings, so
> you might have to change them again yourself.

At the moment what happens if the admin changes stuff is that apps
don't get any notification of it - it's pretty unclear how to
implement this.

> Which reminds me, does the porting guide and/or style guide suggest what
> preferences dialogs should do when GConf indicates that the user doesn't
> have permission to change a particular preference?  Disable those
> controls?  Show a lock icon beside them or something?  Hopefully not
> 'just ignore any changes the user makes', anyway.

I believe code should have:

 if (!gconf_key_is_writable (key))
   gtk_widget_set_sensitive (key_editor, FALSE);


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