--> So What's changed?

* Panel:
	+ lots of gconf work
		+ Session hanling proposal (Alex, Glynn, George, others?)
		+ profiles (Glynn)
		+ default panels/applets (Glynn)
		+ panels saving/loading (Glynn)
		+ applets/menus etc. saving/loading (Mark)
		+ convience methods (Glynn, Mark)
	+ kill gnome-run button applet (Glynn)
	+ libart -> gdk-pixbuf for button rendering (Alex)
	+ porting properties capplet (Stephen)
	+ new ditem api usage (George)
	+ launchers/vfolders work (George, Seth)
	+ kill favorites menu (George)
	+ use gtk image menu items (George)
	+ port to libwnck (George)
	+ menu fixage (Anders)
	+ removal of deprecated function/widgets (George)
	+ Menu work (George)
	+ winhints updates (George, Havoc, Alex, Mark)
	+ foobar pixmap scaling (Chris Phelps)
	+ foobar clock nicifying (Dennis M. Cranston, George)
	+ cruft removal (Mark, George, Glynn)
	+ CORBA namespace fixage (Mark)
	+ make applet background colors 16 bit (Alex)
	+ dialog box fixage (Gediminas Paulauskas)
	+ panel side use of applet item handler (Mark)
	+ solaris distribution menu (Stephen)
	+ screen shooter updates (Anders)
	+ applet stabiltiy fixes (Anders)
	+ gegl invaders ... *cough* (George)
	+ panel-widget and button-widget cleanup (Alex)
	+ hidebutton keyborad navigation (Padraig O'Briain)
	+ applet pixmap background implemenation (Mark)
	+ gtk accelerator parsing updates (Alex)

* Panel Applet Library

	+ shlib applet macro (Mark)
	+ move to GNOME_Vertigo CORBA namespace (Mark)
	+ kill session management (Mark)
	+ make applet background colors 16 bit (Alex)
	+ item handler implementation (Mark)
	+ runtime schema<->key association for applets prefs (Mark)
	+ gconf convienence functions (Mark)
	+ gclosurization (George)
	+ removal of gnome_program_init (George)
	+ applet pixmap bacgrounds (Mark)
	+ expose panel_applet_gconf_get_full_key (Alex)

* Applets

	+ update for panel-applet api changes (Mark)
	+ fish preferences/schema/gconf work (Mark)
	+ clock utf-8 fixage (Richard Hult)
	+ clock + tasklist background (Alex)
	+ mailcheck port (Kevin Valdersloot)
	+ tasklist + pager properties/gconf work (Alex)

* Build:
	+ intl dir removal (Gediminas Paulauskas)
	+ libwnck dependancy (George, Glynn)
	+ libpng check (Anders, Glynn)
	+ file renaming (Mark)
	+ clean up Glynn's drool (Darin)
	+ kill -I$(includedir) (Frank Belew)

* Icons
	+ time/date icons (Dennis M. Cranston)
	+ hand removal from panel icon (Seth)

* ditem library

	+ standard compliance (George)
	+ new api (George)
	+ i18n fixage (Gediminas Paulauskas)
	+ kde icons (George)
	+ g_spawn fixage (George, Glynn)
	+ distcheck fixes (Mark, Glynn)

* Misc
	+ gnome-terminal fixage (Owen)
	+ .directory files work (Seth)
	+ gsm gconf work (Richard Hestilow)

* Other Contributors

	+ Miles Lane, Robert Mibus.

--> And Where can I get it?

Good Luck,

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