Re: Status Manager

Sample Xlib and Gtk+ 2.0 implementations are now available at:

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 10:06:21PM -0600, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> The existing method is ...

Addendum: It existing method uses the window-with-special-property
method for uniqueness which was outdated by 1994 at the latest. Manager
selections are the correct way to do that. (The wm-spec should be brought
in line too; more on that later.)

> If the panel crashes, then the clients should receive a DestroyNotify
> event because they have selected for SubstructureNotify on the manager
> window.

This part is not needed. Either DestroyNotify or ReparentNotify
(parent!=root) suffices.

Gregory Merchan

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