Re: GNOME2's High Memory usage

On 26 Feb 2002, Frank Belew wrote:

> On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 08:59, Chris Chabot wrote:
> > A while back some people were discussing memory usage of gnome 2 
> > applications on this list. Now that i have a 'stable' gnome2 platform 
> > running again, i'd like to chip in with my results.. My conslusion would 
> > be that memory usage does seem awefully high, even considering the 
> > amount of debug info still in the binaries.
> > 
> > Below, a ps aux sniplet, when running a fresh 'gnome-session'. Notice 
> > the 22megs for nautilus, and 12 .. 14 megs for applets (even with 6 or 7 
> > megs shared, is still a _lot_ of memory for an applet in a panel). The 
> > panel it self also has similar memory usage..  All this makes me very 
> > happy that i have 1 gig of ram, but wurried for people who do not ;-)
> > 
> If people are going to start looking at memory usage, they need to give
> a perspective.
> Examples of problems:
> x86 vs PPC vs Sparc architectures, memory values will skew greatly
> Compiler options, different optimizations will add speed and sacrifice
> memory

I guess the pango backend in use can also make a difference...

> Underlying distribution, different support libraries may have different
> footprints and change the shared and/or virtual size.
> -- 
> Frank


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