ANNOUNCE: libglade-1.99.8

I have just uploaded a new development release of libglade. Like the other releases in the development series, this release is targetted at the GNOME 2.0 platform.

Libglade is a library for constructing user interfaces from XML files at runtime. These XML files can be created with the gnome 2.0 port of glade (which I hasn't had a tarball release yet, but is getting very usable), or converted from old glade files (targetted at gtk 1.2) using the libglade-convert program.

The release is available at:

The main changes in this release are:

   * various libglade-convert updates.  These updates will make
     libglade-convert produce significantly better glade 2.0 files.
   * handle the "has_default" and "has_focus" properties better.
   * fix up test suite so that it will gracefully handle the absense of
     an X server (the tests will return the error code indicating that
     the test can not be performed).
   * Install the DTD file, and add an entry to the XML catalog (if
     possible).  This means we can use a proper URL in the DOCTYPE line
     of glade files, and still be able to validate without a network
   * handle the agent attribute on property elements.
   * make --enable-debug the default.

You will need a recent version of gtk+ and libxml2 installed to build libglade. It is highly recommended to have python >= 2.0 with expat support installed as well, or else the libglade-convert script will not function. For Red Hat systems, installing the python2 RPM from 7.2 is sufficient.


Email: james daa com au

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