Re: profterm's eel usage ...

On 25 Feb 2002, Michael Meeks wrote:


> 		* Eel would seem to me a good, well maintained, working
> 		  example of such a library in practice, and as such I'd
> 		  like to see modules use it, starting with profterm.

Well, I really doubt eels wants to be the prototype library but rather
coninue as a well-maintained working library.

> 		* There is no massive problem with having fairly 
> 		  transient 'unstable' module dependencies, they can
> 		  be removed fairly painlessly when the next lower level
> 		  library release comes out.

A prototype library does not solve the problem of transient dependencies.
It allows a look into where gnome is going (and I don't think a "comes out
with teh next release of teh library" is an appropriate scenario for all
features in the prototype library without breaking apis often) and allows
for the code to be tested in non-mainline application versions. Oh, and
avoids the case where you must have K versions of a library around because
everybody though it was fine depending on it and incompatible changes

Oh, and see also all the gnome 2.0 related ranting on "can't freeze
libraries if apps haven't tested them" vs. "we don't care about the
libraries until they are mostly finished". To an extent, it allows us to
both have our cake and eat it.

> 	Apart from that the proposals sound good, to me at least, I don't think
> we need any official proposal / procedure here - apart from people
> agreeing and just getting on with it, without creating a whole new array
> of modules under 'eclectic maintainership[1]' and a dumping ground, when
> we have a goodish, clean and well maintained 'eel' to build on - Yes ?

No. I do think we want eel to remain mostly as it is, and not starting to
add upcoming bits and pieces from all the platform libraries into it.

> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.
> [1] - to re-mint a phrase ;-)
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