gkb applet

Hello all,

I'd like to request that the Gnome keyboard switching applet be modified
such that a certain keyboard locale doesn't necessarily display the
corresponding flag icon, but can be modified to only display the
two-letter locale code.


Nearly every PC / workstation sold in The Netherlands comes with a US
keyboard. There exists a Dutch keyboard layout but very few people have
ever actually seen it (only those who worked with IBM products until
halfway the 90s).

There are occasions where I want to be able to switch between US and
US-international keyboard layout for easier typing of diacritical
characters. This can be fixed quickly with the gkb applet, however that
means I'm always looking at a US flag icon in my panel. Now I'm not some
sort of nationalist who can't stand to see another country's flag, but it
does annoy me a little and the flag icon really can be done without,
saving panel space along the way.



Reinout van Schouwen
e-mail    : reinout cs vu nl
mob/voice : +31-6-44360778 / 084-8750706

VU/W&I studiereis naar Ierland! - maart 2002 - www.cs.vu.nl/storm/ierland

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