GNOME 2.0 Tinderbox page now available


I'd like to announce the availability of a Tinderbox status page for
GNOME 2.0.

In short, tinderbox is a set of scripts which allows you to see when
something is broken It also integrates with bonsai to give you an idea
what might have broken things.  It is yet another useful tool released
by the folks at, and more information on tinderbox is
available at

The main tinderbox page is at:

but the one that is interesting is:

Snapshots of GNOME 2.0 built by these scripts for Red Hat Linux 7.2 are
made available daily via the GNOME 2.0 Developer Snapshots channel in
Red Carpet, and will be available from in the near future.

These packages can replace your existing GNOME desktop, so use them with


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