Re: battstat suspend patches

Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 14:46, Kevin Vandersloot wrote:

Bad Bastien! Use GtkDialog ;) GnomeDialogs are deprecated.

Why o why would one want to depracated something like that. To get
everybody to write their own helper functions ?

If your really want to write some helper functions, you better wouldn't write them so broken as GnomeDialog was.

Afaics gnome-dialog hasn't been "ported", ie. it doesn't use GtkDialog.
If I port it (or at least the gnome-dialog-utils that I find very
useful), would that be ok to un-deprecate it ?

Yes, GnomeDialog derives from GtkWindow rather than GtkDialog. Just because
they are completely differrent. At least w.r.t. buttons adding and handling.

If you like gnome-dialog-util, or gnome-message-box, just use gtkmessagedialog -- it replaces lots of functions in original gnome files with just a few new ones, but provide almost the same functionality (except request_string type dialogs).

It even format strings for you:
gtk_message_dialog_new (parent, flags, type, buttons,
			"Could not open file %s: %s", filename, error);

Of course you could write helper functions, but it would save you just a couple of lines (i.e. instead of flags, type and buttons just provide functions with different name for each set of those parameters). Not worth.

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