Re: problems with applets

On 16 Feb 2002 16:42:01, Seth Nickell wrote:

> We still have some applets that are either not removable or have
> locations where the context menu doesn't appear (mostly these are on
> buttons). Users are left with an applet they can't get rid of without
> removing the panel. I would rather turn these applets off than ship
> applets that users can't move or remove.
> ===========Context menus===============
> Serious problems:
> Dictionary Applet (only a button, can't popup a menu)
> CD Player (most of it is buttons, can't get a menu on them)
> Command Line (menu does not merge in "remove" and "move")
> Screenshot Taker (can't get menu on most of the applet, even when you do
> doesn't merge in "remove" and "move)

Dictionary and cd player are now fixed in cvs wrt the right click menu. I'm
going to remove screenshooter from the build as I think the panel screenshooter
can replace the applet. If anyone complains they will have to continue the


> Mild problems (these ones are "ok", but they do have large areas on
> which you can't right click):
> Stock Ticker (can get a menu on the ticker, but not the buttons)
> Modem Lights (can't get a menu on the connect button)
> ===========Right Drag===================
> The majority of applets currently don't support right dragging to move.
> This isn't a serious issue, but it is a regression from 1.4.

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